Caciqueare is a 8,5 hectare big property in the abundance of the atlantic tropical forest. This unique land plot on the cocoa coast is situated only 8 km south of the town of Itacaré, a former fishers village, which got a touristic hotspot because of the marvellous nature and beaches in its sourroundings, which are ideal for families to relax as well as sport lovers like hikers, surfers or divers.
The closest airport is in Ilheus just 70 km south of Itacaré, which is connected by daily flights to the international airport of Salvador de Bahia, about 400 km north of Itacaré.

The completely fenced property is classified with the “Owner Title”
and has its own access road.
It is sourrounded by forest filled with exotic flora and fauna.
The beach of approximately 200 m is only a 5 minutes walk from the house down through the forest. Due to the fact, that is only accessible through your private property or a long walk along the neighboring beaches you will mostly find yourself alone on that stretch of paradise.
It has 3 fresh water springs with a daily supply of at least 5000 litres.
Electricity is given in 110 V as in 220 V.

The tropical climate guarantees a sunny and dry weather troughout the year with rainy seasons in March, July and August.
The average water temperature is 26°C.
The wind direction is from Northeast.

One thing is for sure:
Caciqueare is not only a dream which can come true to you for enjoying some life time there, but also gives myriads of opportunities for activities like surfing, Capoeira, jungle and mangrove walks, mountain biking, snorkelling, diving, hiking, rafting, jungle tree top walking and gliding, whalewatching and not to forget the rich cultural offers as well from the amerindian natives as from the modern day life!